One of the best internet sites for information about breast cancer is Click here to visit the website.

There are so many aspects to breast cancer that no one source can provide all the information, support or expertise to cover them all. Fortunately, there are many resources, both local and national, available to patients and their families.

Local breast cancer advocate groups are an essential-and growing-resource in southern Arizona. From Breast Cancer Boot Camp to Sunstone, these organizations help "fill the gap" in what cannot be provided by even the best team of professionals. Sometimes its just important to speak with someone who has been there like you.

Books, pamphlets and a wide array of internet sites offer volumes of information about breast cancer care and research. Surfing the web for breast cancer information is daunting even for professionals, and can be overwhelming for patients. Fortunately, selected books and internet sites have dedicated themselves to helping patients navigate though these difficult waters.

Specialized boutiques are available in the Tucson area of assist patients with appropriate apparel after surgery and wigs for those who need them during chemotherapy.

In addition to the information presented here, the Center has a dedicated resource/education room with a wide selection of educational pamphlets, videos and DVDs which are available for all of our patients.